CRE Brokerage Owner Success Systems
Many CRE brokerage owners and managers struggle to 
run their business operations while growing their own 
production and securing personal time. 

In today’s market, these challenges are magnified. 
Broker/Owners are looking for new answers, new ways, and new approaches to deal with the current marketplace. 

They need to be a leader who can as retain and motivate their staff, 
all while finding a margin in their business.
The 6 CRE BOSS Success Systems
Evaluating Your Business's Current Worth
Coaching Emerging Leaders and Managers
Operating and Running an Office Effectively
Assessing and Managing Individual Talents
Creating Your Personal Succession Plan
Planning Strategically for Your Brokerage
What Industry Leaders Have To Say About CRE BOSS

“Rod and his team have played an integral part of our organization. Several of our partners and associates work directly with their coaches and each has greatly enhanced their production. They work with our senior management, including me, and our managing directors to keep us on point with our aggressive strategic initiatives.”

Paul Massey - CEO/Founding Partner at B6 Realty Advisors (formerly Massey Knakal)

“When I first engaged Rod and his team, it was to help us focus on our personal revenue; however, as organization challenges arouse, they shifted their focus to helping us restructure our company to support our rapid growth. The record income was a nice bonus, but the solidification of our organization will pay dividends for years to come.”

Bo Bradford, CCIM, SIORCo-President / Principal at Lee & Associates

“I decided to completely overhaul my brokerage practice of 15 years. With Rod's guidance, we have identified opportunities which will generate higher returns from our operations for years to come. Best of all they were with us every step of the way and continue to be a partner in our success.”

Tom Rankin, CCIM - President at SVN Rankin Company 
Meet The Founders of CRE BOSS

Rod Santomassimo, CCIM

By combining his own experience with the development of groundbreaking tools, Rod has become a #1 Best Selling author and the pre-eminent thought leader in commercial real estate.

Founder and president of The Massimo Group, Rod and his team have helped more than 2,600 CRE professionals out-earn their industry peers by 7X. 

His clients’ and readers’ results are a testament to his pioneering and effective coaching system, and broad knowledge of how to succeed in an ever-changing industry. 

Rod was recently recognized by Globe St. and the Real Estate Forum as “Best CRE Boss 2020”

Mike Gallegos, CCIM

Mike's 13 year CRE career includes key market growth roles and team leadership in firms ranging from the publicly traded institutional format at Marcus & Millichap to boutique sized brokerage powerhouses.

He serves as both Managing Director and Sales Manager for multiple offices throughout the West Coast. In these roles, Mike oversees recruiting, training, mentoring and strategic expansion. 

Mike is active in various development programs that allow him to successfully recruit, train, and coach multiple top performers across the country. 

Mike was recently recognized by Globe St. and the Real Estate Forum as “Best CRE Boss 2020”
Imagine What Your Life Would Be Like...
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6 Key Success Systems 
  • Emerging Leader (Manager) Coaching
  • Operating and Running an Office Effectively
  • ​Evaluating Your Business’s Current Worth
  • ​Creating Your Succession Plan
  • ​Assessing and Managing Talent
  • ​Strategic Planning
It's incredibly expensive to try to spin all the plates 
of producing deals while simultaneously recruiting, hiring, and coaching someone to deal with the internal issues of the office.
What if you could keep your independence and tap into the leadership resources of corporate brokerages?
We understand starting your own commercial real estate brokerage for the autonomy and independence. But now, your autonomy is holding you back... 

Imagine if you had...
  • An easy-to-read manual with policies and procedures for office complications
  • A system for troubleshooting bottlenecks in your company 
  • ​A leader who pacifies interpersonal conflicts in the office

It's relatively easy to hire brokers and administrative assistants. But it's almost impossible to hire an effective leader who understands you and your culture.

That's why we created a proven formula to develop an in-house leader for your independent commercial real estate brokerage.

We use this formula to develop your in-house leader who... 
  • ​Understands your culture
  • ​Shares your goals
  • Inspires your team
  • Holds individuals accountable 
  • ​Handles your daily operations